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We are a design company based in Laos, with a focus on various 3D and animation projects. We first began our activities in the gaming industry in Australia with level design and the creation of game assets, until we relocated to Southeast Asia and broadened our range of services to suit local needs. Over time we have accumulated experience on a varied array of projects involving yacht design, architectural models, promotional graphics, video editing, web design, virtual reality, and even the manufacturing of notebooks and furniture!


In an ever-changing world of evolving technology, it is of the utmost importance to adapt to the continually changing landscape, and we take this philosophy to heart by constantly seeking out new methods and tools to use. Our capacity to intake new skills has allowed us to create a synergy between our 3D modeling engine, our graphic design softwares, and a variety of other tools at our disposal such as drones, VR sets, filming equipment, and the like, granting us the possibility of coming up with creative and unique solutions to your needs.

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